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Mobile Diaries & Moderated Discussions

Forsta Digital Diaries is the modern, social media-style research solution for insights pros seeking to truly understand how people think, feel and act. Capture in-the-moment perceptions, emotions and behaviors to successfully inform innovation, development, in-market placement and customer experience initiatives.


Activity Library

Templated activities save time and offer ideas during the design phase of a study.

Automated Video Transcripts

Transcripts expedite the moderation and analysis of narrated videos.

Transcripts in Multiple Languages

Transcripts are available in several languages and shortly after videos are submitted by participants.

Text Analytics & Visualization Tools

Text visualization tools to quickly find keywords in context.

Social Media-Style Mobile App

Native mobile app works in offline mode for capturing on-the-go behaviors, perceptions and opinions.

Participant Web Interface

Participant Home Screen

Offers an engaging, social media-style experience that increases participation and completion rates.

To-Do List

Sequential list of activities: private and social, web and mobile, one-time and recurring.

Instant Notifications

Moderator questions and social comments display in the interface and are sent via email in real-time to help keep participants engaged.

Social Activity Feed

Participants can easily comment on and like other participants’ responses.

Participant’s Completed Activity Feed

Participants can quickly access and review their submitted responses.

Menu Bar

Participants can easily navigate to all areas of the project and contact technical support directly.

Participant Mobile App

Menu Bar

Participants can easily navigate to all areas of the project and contact technical support directly.

To-Do List

Sequential list of activities with colorful labels to alert participants to important information.

Activity Requesting Video

In app video recorder and faster uploading of videos than via a web browser.

Social Feed

Participants can comment on and like other participants’ responses.

Instantaneous Push Notifications

Participants are instantly notified whenever they receive a moderator probe or social comment.

Group Discussion

Participants can share insights in group Discussions with the entire community.

Researcher Web Interface

Individual Responses

Wide variety of filters available to quickly narrow down your dataset.

Individual Submitted Response

Drill down into each response to tag, probe and view accompanying comments.

Images Gallery

Download images one at a time or create a filtered image set.

Image Response

View responses with images and accompanying comments.

Videos Gallery

Download submitted videos in both their original and standardized MP4 formats.

Video Response

View individual video responses and accompanying comments.

Reports Dashboard

Manage and download a variety of report formats, both during and after fielding.

Activities & Scheduling

Create, schedule and manage all activities in one convenient location with an easy to use, drag and drop interface.

Immersive Activities

Group Discussion Kick-off

Researcher can share both text and stimuli; participant progress bar increases participation and completion rates.

Inline Conversation with Images

Social media-style interactions and chronological feed for ease of navigation.

Concept Canvas Instructions

Fully customizable Concept Canvas activity instructions.

Dynamically Interacting with Stimuli

Participants place pins on stimuli and give a sentiment rating, select from customized labels and provide open-ended feedback.

Location Finder

Participants indicate the exact location they visited via Google Maps.

Discussion Filters & Feed

Filters to quickly narrow down discussion contributions and chronological feed for ease of navigation.

Backroom in Discussions

Have internal, backroom discussions that aren’t visible to participants.

Concept Canvas Gallery

Concept Canvas activities are effective for evaluative and creative perceptual exercises.

Filters, Heatmaps & Pin Maps

View participant responses in heatmaps and sentiments in colored pin maps.

Location Finder

Location responses contain the map for the question with a red pin reflecting the exact location and address.

Screen Sharing with Webcam

Participants can use an app to record their computer screens, capture audio and webcam video simultaneously.

Project Management

Dashboard Overview

Newest responses and filterable completion grids display to quickly see how a project is progressing.


Send and receive direct messages to and from participants, triggering instant notifications.

Daily Updates

Keep participants on track and engaged with automated daily update emails.

Obscure Profile PII

Obscure identifying participant information both in the platform and in data exports.


Text Reports

Text reports automatically adjust image sizes so they fit nicely on each page.

Excel with Images

Our popular, time-saving Excel with Images reports contain several tabs and a wealth of details.

Concept Canvas Excel with Images

View where individual pins were placed on stimuli and the corresponding feedback given.

Concept Canvas Excel Summary

View tallying of sentiment ratings and filtered pin and heatmaps.

Activity Completion Grids

Generate completion grids in real-time by participants and activities.

Word Tree

Search for and identify themes within the language people are using in a project.