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Forsta Plus is the online survey and reporting solution for insights pros who need to execute sophisticated quantitative research. Built for the mobile world, Forsta combines engaging collection tools, real time crosstabs and data reporting, and the ability to take on the most complex of survey programming challenges.


Dynamic Open End

Standard Question Examples

Single Select
Multi Select
Rating List

Interactive Question Examples

3D Grid
Accordion Grid
Answer Buttons
Carousel Grid
Date Picker
Geo Map
Grid Bars
Heat Map
Polling Chart
Searchable List
Text Highlighter
Thumb Rating

Multimedia Question Examples

Image Uploader
Media Rating

Studio Dashboard Reporting

Studio is a platform for designing research solutions for different types of stakeholders, either in the form of full end-to-end workflows from survey creation to reporting and taking action, or in the form of engaging dashboards that help bring the right insights to the right people.

For an interactive experience of each example dashboard,
click the link below them and log in with the provided credentials.

CATI (Computer assisted Telephone Interviews)

Interviewer Login

Secure logins for each interviewer (work remotely with a web browser)

Interviewing Modes

Multiple interviewing modes available

Manual Selection Mode

Interface for manual selection of numbers to dial

Interviewer Survey Screen

All online survey features are supported in CATI mode

External Call Transfer

Calls can be transferred to other stations or outside numbers

Number Redial

Call redial support integrated

Set Appointment

Appointment scheduling options for better call times

On Break

Segment and track interviewer breaks (with user definable break classifications)

Supervisor Interface

Survey management tools

Productivity Report

Productivity reports on interviewers

Live Call Monitoring

Supervisors can view and listen live to interviewer calls

Time Zones

Manage active time zones and rules

Disposition Management

Management of disposition codes

Session Reviewing

Interview session reviewing for quality controllers

Quota Administration

Interface for quota progress tracking and management

Recorded Interviews

Interviews can be recorded for later playback and review

Break Classifications

Default and custom breaktime reasons

Scheduling Parameters

Survey-level controls for scheduling parameters

CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviews)

Quick view of all surveys available to the interviewer

Dashboard view of survey statistics

Gender demographic question

Scrollable listing of movies

Star rating scale question

Likelihood to recommend scale

Ability to capture video responses inline