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Infographic-based Storytelling

The Forsta Visualizations suite of reporting tools takes data in black and white and creates stories in color. Forsta Visualizations empowers users to create infographics that explain, inspire, and convince people to act on data. Show steps in a customer journey, spotlight the scale of an issue, communicate high-priority messages at a glance, or dive deeper and reveal overall trends in an interactive and engaging way. Take advantage of the flexibility of Forsta Visualizations and explore the different reporting tools offering a spectrum of delivery options from online dashboards to native PPT reports.

StoryCreator – PowerPoint Production Tool


Test out our PPT production tool and see how easy it is to streamline your reporting. Follow this interactive guide to go from market research data to native PowerPoint deck in record time.

Brand Research

Brand Awareness

Explore a Global Brand Tracker, measuring key brand funnel KPIs across both regions and against competitors. Visually appealing Brand Health reports along with dynamic and interactive dashboards showcasing the latest Forsta can offer within Brand Research.

Chico’s Cantina Restaurants

Check out this vibrant dashboard, which showcases how visual, interactive, and custom-made you can be with our solution. This restaurant chain has combined brand, sales, and digital data to provide all stakeholders with a single source of truth.

Fly Now Airlines

Take a deep dive into the data with this brand tracker. Analyze the results of different countries, customer types, and more. Benchmarks are automatically calculated, so it’s easy to spot what’s performing and what’s not.

HTM Shoes Retail Chain

See this retail brand’s performance at each stage of the purchase funnel. No custom-made graphics needed – this dashboard has been designed using only native functions.

Global Solutions

Get an instant look at the competitive landscape, this dashboard lets you see the NPS score, consumer perception, and more. Filter demographics to see where the company stands with each target group.

PortMedia Agency

Visualize the survey results of your ad testing and easily add non-survey data, including spending details, to get the whole picture. Features include automated benchmark calculation and quick campaign comparison.

Customer Experience Research

ABC Berry Goods

Dive into a Customer Experience dashboard with both quantitative and qualitative views in combination with do it yourself tools and highly visual reporting. It features a range of great reporting capabilities, from Text Analytics and dynamic drilldowns to automated Topline reporting and online document archive.

ABC Healthcare

Explore the drill down functionalities for this Hospital chain Satisfaction Dashboard utilizing native time periods to view trends over time. Easily access qualitative feedback through branded PPT templates for additional visual support.

ABC Electronics

Identify key metrics and trends at a glance with built-in wave-over-wave comparisons for this Customer In-Store Experience Dashboard. View closed loop feedback management and access qualitative feedback in the form of pictures and videos.

ABC Airport

Access this highly infographic Dashboard used to showcase the travel industry and customer journeys. This comprehensive deliverable with intuitive navigation takes users through multiple complex reports while maintaining the fully-branded user experience.

ABC Auto Shop

Take a look at this comprehensive NPS Dashboard for users requiring different levels of access. Utilize a master slide template for additional interactivity and take a tour through the “Features” report to learn what makes Visualizations so unique!

CarFix3000 Auto Service

Discover how local store managers oversee customer feedback in a few clicks. That includes open comments and a follow-up process for contacting dissatisfied customers. Keep in mind that you can customize data access for each manager if needed.

StayLux Hotels

See how this luxury hotel chain keeps track of performance for each location and employee with its dashboard. The housekeeping excellence tab generates a custom-made report of open answers, showing customer comments as you hover over each area of the room.

Dap Delivers

Quickly learn how this food delivery service performs in various segments. In addition to showcasing key performance indicators, the action report allows you to see where Dap Delivers stands with follow-ups.

Pluto Auto Stores

Effortlessly spot areas that need improvement with an overview of each store’s performance. Additionally, you can see the status of different cases and run through customer feedback.

Fly Now Airlines

Discover how satisfied customers were during each step of their journey, from the website to the billing. Look at each touchpoint in detail for more insights. Best in class performance and month-over-month change is automatically calculated.